Meet the Bros.

Hard-Mode began with two brothers having discussions about life and how we can live more fully. It is inspired by our love of culture and the quest to crack the code of life. Quinn came up with the name. Thinking that the name was such a brilliant idea, Zach started pushing Quinn to get off his butt and create the company.

They launched Hard-Mode on May 21, 2022.

Player 1

Quinn. The younger brother.

Strengths: Highly passionate about fitness and nutrition. Seriously he can read a whole book on just salt and love it.

Weaknesses: A little addicted to video games. He’s working on it.

Favourite Colour: Blue

Player 2

Zach. The older brother.

Strengths: Experienced from running a non-profit filmmakers society for 9 years and doing commercial video for 6 years.

Weaknesses: Can’t juggle.

Favourite Colour: Green


We’re Building Our Roster!

Hard-Mode is about more than us or anything we do. Hard-Mode is about creating connections and building a community of awesome people who all aspire to live boldly, live playfully and most of all live life to the fullest! As we grow, we want to work with more people to take Hard-Mode to new heights!

Want to Collaborate or Join the Team?