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Meet Your Instructor – Tim Cariou

Tim has maintained a personal practice in a variety of Traditional Chinese Healing exercises for over 40 years. He studied a wide range of disciplines with a number of prominent teachers. Tim also studied physiology and anatomy related to massage therapy for a number of years. This knowledge, along with his understanding of Traditional Chinese Medicine, enhances his personal practice as well as his ability to teach Traditional Chinese Healing exercises including Qigong, Medical Qigong, Tai Chi and Kung Fu. He was an elite Martial Artist, a runner, and a cyclist and through those years consistently used Qigong as the foundation for his strength, personal development and calming relaxation.

Tim finds joy in sharing his personal experience and the knowledge he has acquired from a variety of teachers, practitioners and perspectives. He is comfortable teaching absolute beginners as well as working with, sharing with and enhancing the experiences of those with long time practices of their own.

Medical Qigong and Tai Chi

Qigong is the ancient Chinese practice of aligning breath, movement, and awareness to cultivate and balance one’s qi (energy). Medical Qigong employs a Western understanding of physiology with the energetic practices of Traditional Chinese Medicine in aid of healing and martial arts training.

The 24 Movements Simplified Tai Chi Chuan, Beijing Form. These classes cover the 24 postures and 176 transitionary movements of the most practiced and known Tai Chi form.

Morning Classes

TBA Spring 2023

Location: Available upon request.

$20 Drop In (Cash/E-transfer)

Shaolin Kung Fu

Shaolin Kung Fu or Wu Shu is the original, authentic and traditional Chinese martial art. It is the foundation of all other martial arts.

Shaolin is evolved from yoga, meditation and self defense. It is more strenuous than Tai chi or qigong, and therefore has greater impact on your cardiovascular system and on strength building.

Morning Classes

Thursdays at 10am

Location: Available upon request.

$20 Drop In (Cash/E-transfer)

Private Training

Receive personal one on one training with Tim.

Tim’s #1 Rule: Don’t Hurt Anyone.

“I’ve been training with Tim for 7 years now. When I first started working out with Tim, Martial Arts quickly became my favourite form of exercise. Shaolin exercises the body in every way making you both stronger and more flexible. Tai Chi is just as much a work out for the mind as it is for the body. Combined together these art forms give you a strong sense of balance. Tim’s knowledge is truly mind-blowing and I consider myself blessed to have him as my teacher.”

Zachary Tannar

Let’s grow stronger together.

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